To find image URLs first we need to upload the images to Wix, so that Wix gives them a unique URL and then knows how to find them

1. Click on the gallery below, we have to do this in order to upload the images. When the gallery is highlighted you can click the button that states " change images"

2.  A pop up window will appear  - Either add to the this gallery or delete the images that are already in there if you have captured the URL's you need already.

3.  Select the button "Add images" you may need to create a folder for yourself to store the images in, keep it organised :)

4. Select all of the images for a collection i.e 'Beds' and upload to the gallery, it's probably easier to do it in bits.

5. Click 'Add to Gallery' (bottom right)


Now that you have done that you will need to run the code.

1. Firstly you need to make sure you have developer tools turned on ( i wouldn't recommend leaving these on when working in the rest of the site as it can get tricky to see around your editor space.

 a. to turn on developer tools - In the menu across the very top of your editor window you will see 'Dev Mode' Click that and turn it on, some new windows and areas will appear.

2.  Now click 'Preview' Button top right

3.  Make sure your code bar at the bottom of this screen is maximised, you'll now see the code which contains the URLs. 

Each one will look similar to this - 


4. Each image will be listed like this (the above) separately.

The area you a re looking for is highlighted in Yellow & Pink,  this is the bit you will need to copy into your ProductUrl column in the spreadsheet. The text highlighted in Pink you need to use to find the product in your spreadsheet, providing your product images are named with the right SKU this will be easy.


Open your spreadsheet and find the ProductUrl column.
  1. In google sheets hit the keyboard short cut ' CRTL F' or 'Command F' if you're on a Mac.

  2. Look to the top right of your screen you'll see a search bar.

  3. Add the Image name in there, so the lighter pink part of the string above 01HFN073B

  4. Hit enter or search

  5. It'll find it on your sheet, now copy and paste the Yellow part of the string in the Spreadsheet column associated with this product, make sure there are no Slashes or anything, it must only be this area 0ec6ca_f59f3f8de64442848d26861705e83569~mv2.jpg

  6. Once you've done that you can move on to the next product, just do that another 600 times and your'e sorted!

Tip If there is more than one image for the product they will be listed together and you need to look for the same SKU e.g 01HFN073B

Then when entering on the spreadsheet, separate the images by a semicolon (like the collections) so for example 0ec6ca_f59f3f8de64442848d26861705e83569~mv2.jpg ;0ec6ca_f59f3f8de64442848d26861705e83569~mv2.jpg

with no spaces!


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